Fila Kids


Kids are God’s gift for us! Kids are so beloved and significant for God and for us as a church! We all know that the future belongs to them.

We want Fila kids to be the highlight in every kid’s week. That’s why our primary goal is that kids would have a lot of fun and enjoy themselves! We also want to enable kids to get to know God, grow in faith and find their identity and refuge in Him.

Fila Kids gather every Sunday and consists of two age groups that meet around 4.30-5.30 pm. Kids get the chance to first participate in worship with their parents and friends before it is announced on stage that Fila kids begins.


SUNDAY CLUB for 6-12 –year-olds

What is it?

Sunday club is a fun club for older Kids that has creative and practical teaching about Jesus, faith and the Bible. In addition, fun activities such as games, experiments, baking, video animations, pottering, worship and music are organized. Snacks are served.


SUNDAY FUN 3-5 year olds

What is it?

Sunday Fun is a fun club for small kids with practical teaching about Jesus, faith and the Bible. In addition to this there is always a lot of time for fun games and playing. Snacks are served.


PARENTS’ LOUNGE for families with 0-2 year olds

What is it?

Parents’ Lounge is a place where parents and 0-2 year old babies can feel themselves at home. There are sofas and armchairs for parents, a play mat, toys, a microwave to heat baby food and a room where diapers can be changed. At the same time parents can observe the happenings downstairs by listening to the sermon and worship through speakers. There is a glass wall so they can also see what’s going on.

Language: All program in Sunday Club and Sunday Fun is bilingual (Finnish and Swedish). The instructors speak also English. We find it beneficial for kids to be in an environment of language immersion.