Kick-off weekend 8-9 September

On Saturday September 8th we kick off the autumn with a day full of good food, great company, teaching and God encounters. We would love to have you with us!

Different people from church will be teaching and we also have some exciting news to share.

The day will be held at Peuramaa in Kirkkonummi. We will arrange transportation by bus for those who need it. The bus leaves from Kiasma at 9 am and leaves from Peuramaa at 5.30 pm.

Place: Ravintola Peura, Peuramaantie 152, Kirkkonummi
Time: 8 September 10 am – 5 pm (breakfast at 9.30 am)
Price: food 10€, bus 4€

Please register latest 4 September:


On Sunday 9 September there will be an extra festive Fila’s Sunday, welcome to join us then as well!