Reset your Focus fast

We as a church believe that that this WILL be a year of breakthrough, a year of unusual miracles and inner strength! Both for church generally but also for YOU personally! This is not because we are anything special, but because we have a very,  special heavenly Father that loves us and for whom anything is possible! 

And this is why we have decided to go into a season of prayer and fasting in church starting from January 6th for 28 days! 
We want to fast and pray corporately as a church family as we enter into a big year,  we will fast and pray for guidance, wisdom and insight into everything that Fila will face and go through this year. 

How can I fast?

Full fast

The normal fast is that one abstains from food and drinks water only. (Caution: a maximum of 3 days, and recommended to hear God lead one to an absolute fast). 

Partial fast 

A partial fast means abstaining from certain meals of the day or even certain foods that we prefer the most. 

Fasting from something other than food
Fasting from food is not necessarily for everyone. Some health conditions keep even the most devout from the traditional course. However, fasting is not limited to food. 

Consider fasting from tv, netflix, computer, social media, or some other regular enjoyment. And set aside the time you would give to these things, to Jesus instead.

Let’s do this fast together. We will be posting live updates and gather together to pray as a  church on 8th of January, 22th of January