This is Fila

Urban. Rocking. Understandable. Life-expanding.

Have you ever wondered why people seem interested in God and questions related to faith and the meaning of life, but are not interested in church? Or have you ever asked yourself the question what the church actually is about and what its purpose is?

Well we have.

And that’s why we don’t do things the way we used to, but we’ve designed church so that it would make sense, both to us and to you!

Church should be enjoyed

At Fila Helsinki we think that the church is God’s gift to you and me, and that it exists to help ordinary people get to know Jesus Christ and to find purpose and meaning in life. As a vibrant, downtown church we think that church is to be enjoyed, not endured, and we come together regularly in a bigger setting on Sundays, and in smaller groups during the week.

God believes in you

At Fila Helsinki we’re convinced that God is interested in every individual, including you, and he wants you to have the best life you can have. Every person can have a personal relationship with him, including you! And even if you couldn’t care less or actually disagree, at Fila Helsinki you’re welcome regardless.

Relaxed but sincere

As you visit us you might be surprised by our rocking, casual albeit sincere Sundays, or you might just feel at home. In any case, we believe that visiting us will encourage and inspire you for whatever fills up your everyday life.

So we would love to get in touch with you – at our Sunday gatherings, in one of our connect groups, at Fila Sisters or maybe just over a cup of coffee if you like. Or if you like, make yourself at home.

Johan and Lotta Forsbäck Senior Pastors, Fila Helsinki

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