Touching Heaven Night with Hillsong London 19.11

The worship team from Hillsong London makes a unique visit to Fila’s Sunday!

On Sunday 19.11 the worship team from Hillsong London, led by pastor Dan Barrett, will lead worship during Fila’s Touching Heaven Night. We believe that God has great thoughts both for Helsinki and for you personally. This night will be a great opportunity to meet God and worship together. As always, there will be a special programme for children in Fila Kids.

The event is free of charge, but to for us to be able to offer space for everyone, you need to book your ticket in advance. 

Touching Heaven Night at 4pm is at capacity.
We’re are excited to launch a second service.
What an amazing night ahead!
Book your seat here.

Hillsong London is quickly growing church based in London, led by pastor Gary Clarke. Pastor Dan Barrett is one of Hillsong London’s worship pastors. We are looking forward to a great weekend with him and his team.

Fila Helsinki is an urban, rocking, understandable and life-expanding church in the centre of the city. You are always welcome to Fila, whether you see yourself as a believer or not. We believe that you will feel at home in Fila Helsinki.

The main event of the week is Fila’s Sundays at 4pm. Fila’s Sundays are relaxed and inspiring, joyful and music filled meetings, where everyone is welcome. The meetings are in Finnish, but are translated into English and Swedish in headphones.

Link to the Facebook event can be found here.